Changing Dynamics

Brand Creation + Responsive Website Design

A design to help progressive candidates win

At the beginning of 2018, my husband and I decided to restart Changing Dynamics, a political consulting company my husband had created before taking a job to help get an initiative passed that would allow for capital funding for our local school district. The initial logo and website were created in 2011 and definitely needed a refresh. New logo, website, services, etc. We had learned a lot and wanted to enter into political campaigns differently this time.

We wanted the logo to the ever changing political climate that we are in. Currently it’s a blue wave, but that can switch back to red at any time. The initials “C” and “D” were shown to mimic and infinity symbol, with a gradient of red to purple to blue wrapping with it. A simple sans serif font was used for both the symbol and company name. Once the logo was designed, business cards, letterhead and envelopes were quickly created.

The website required a lot of planning and thought. We wanted the website to have the feeling of both hope and action. The services had to be created to reflect the new offerings. We eventually came up with a site that gave the feeling we desired with the information potential clients needed.

“Yard Sign” icons

We wanted to have fun with the site and get the feel of political work, so we decided to create icons that mimic yard signs for the different services offered.

Website pages

Home page design – Showing and overview of the company and customized text for SEO.

Sample third level page – Showing details about the services offered, with links to the other services at the end.

Sample internal page – showing about the firm and the people who run it.

Sample form page – Multiple forms were created for gaining information from potential or current clients. These were created in our client management software, Dubsado, and then embedded into the site.

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