Small Design Lab helps individuals, small businesses and non-profits tell their story through website and collateral design, so they can make the world a better place while living a happy, stable existence themselves.

Hi. I’m Natasha, the Owner & Designer at Small Design Lab.

I am a woman, a graphic designer, a tinkerer, a mother, an artist. I love to use my hands to create on the computer, at my craft table and in the kitchen. I am fulfilled by helping people, small businesses and non-profits put their best foot forward with clean, stunning and purposeful designs.

I believe the purpose of design is to enhance the story, not be the story. It is there to set mood, lead you through the content, and heighten your purpose. It should only stand out if that serves your purpose.

A bit more about the owner:

Natasha {Small} Sutton

I earned my degree in graphic design in hopes of one day working for myself. After 10+ years of doing internal marketing; document design; contract graphic design work for non-profits and individuals; and creating logos, websites and collateral for political candidates, I decided I was ready to fully break out on my own. I wanted to work solely for people who wanted to use their skills to have a positive impact on the world. I created Small Design Lab to do just that.

I now spend my days creating at my computer and my late afternoons and evenings being a mom and wife to my energetic family of four. When I’m not at home working in my office or cooking up a everything-free meal (#foodallergyfamily), you can find me enjoying the outdoors—either hiking a path, snowboarding down a hill, swimming in a river, or biking to the local park with my two boys.

What’s with the name?

Small Design Lab comes from many places. The most obvious being that Small is my maiden name. Growing up with an adjective for a last name, especially when it doesn’t describe you (I’m 5’11”) makes you resilient. I grew up hearing “you’re not small, you’re tall!” Or being called “Natasha-not-so-Small.” My relationship with this word has changed over the years, first hating it and slowly evolving into complex adoration. Depending on the day (and my mood), “Small” has a different meaning to me. Mostly though, small may describe a size, but it doesn’t mean insignificant.