Village Song

Branding + Responsive Website Design

Creating an online home for a movement

Lior Tsarfaty had a vision to create a school and movement for bringing the power of music to Alzheimer’s communities. For the last 5 years, he had been doing this himself in the bay area, and the positive effect it had on that community was truly powerful. The demand for his services increased, and he quickly realized he couldn’t do this alone. He wanted to teach other musicians and therapists to serve this often forgotten about community. He asked Small Design Lab to join the team to bring this to life. He had a vision of what it could be but not how to get there. SDL joined the team to help bring the visual side to life.

One of the challenges of this is there were three very different targeted clients: musicians, therapists, and Alzheimer care facilities. All of this had to be done while also working with the visual style that had been used in the documentary short, There is a Place, that had been created about Lior and his work. Trying to find a way to appeal to all of those proved to be quite the balancing act.

The site needed to include information on the program, instructors and Lior; a way to sign up for the initial consult; a place to get on the newsletter; links to social media; contact forms; as well as video headers and integration. The content of the site was created by a talented copywriter, but it lacked much for the home page. I knew if we didn’t fill out the home page more, many people wouldn’t be enticed to enter further into the site.

First, I used the mood board to create a font-based logo and color palette. Then I started integrating the palette and general style into the site. I customized the Divi theme with colors, header styling, menu upgrades, among other edits. After that, I selected images and placed and styled the content. After that came integrating his Mailchimp account, and creating multiple forms for contact and interest forms. After some final tweaks, what resulted was a site that Lior and SDL are very proud of.

Pieces created:

  • Logo
  • Business cards, letterhead and envelopes
  • Walkcards
  • Yard/street signs
  • Website
  • 3 Mailers

Multiple Forms and Mailchimp Integration

This website required multiple forms. Two were created for Mailchimp integration, one in the footer and one for the sidebar. Two additional forms were created for contact and for the interest form, which involved more information. These forms were tested and integrated to ensure they reached his Google Apps inbox.

Website pages

Home page design – the page encapsulates the entirety of the site, featuring the documentary video that was created about Village Song.

Sample internal page – there was a lot of information, including imagery, quotes, and other that had to be included.

Faculty page – a page to showcase Lior’s experience as well as the rest of the course’s faculty.