Sonoma Blvd Specific Plan, Vallejo, CA

Recreating an old standby

The Vallejo Specific Plan was an interesting challenge. The client wanted to reduce a document that is typically several hundred pages and hard to follow to the leanest and user-friendly document as possible. This required a lot of rethinking in both the document design and content creation.

This document required creating a template that could be used by many team members of differing experience with InDesign. That template involved text, table and sidebar styling, as well as several examples of spread layouts. On top of the initial template design, I created and refined team member layouts and infographics to illustrate key points and information as the project progressed.

This document was designed while I worked for Opticos Design, Inc.

Design Parameters:

  • A user-friendly InDesign template had to be created for use by several team members simultaneously
  • Tables, diagrams, and sidebars were crucial in making the information easy to access
  • The City had a predetermined color scheme to incorporate
  • Fonts had to be open-source for client editing after project completion

Tables, diagrams and sidebars

It was crucial to create a style early on that could be used to create many different types of tables, diagrams, sidebars and infographics.

Selected Pages