Naomi Duerr Campaign Collateral

Brand, Responsive Website + Mailer Design

Full Campaign Collateral Package

Naomi Duerr decided to run for Reno City Council to make a difference, but this was her first time running for any office. We had to create an identity, website, walk cards, mailers, yard signs, and even some event invitations over the course of her successful campaign.

Our process started with Naomi giving me ideas of what she likes, both about Reno, and her personal aesthetic. I worked on that to create a few different directions we could go. We narrowed it down to one logo design, and from there we worked together to get it just right.

Once the logo was designed, I got to work on designing a website, business cards, walk cards, and yard signs. Once those were all designed, the primary mailers needed to be designed to send out in time to get voters before and during Nevada’s two-week early voter period. For the general election, we tweaked our first mailers some and added two more large size mailers. Naomi won her race by over 12 points.

Pieces created:

  • Logo
  • Business cards, letterhead and envelopes
  • Walkcards
  • Yard/street signs
  • Website
  • 3 Mailers

Printed Collateral for Voter Outreach

Political campaigns, especially local ones, require lots of ways to get your information out there is different forms. There’s social media, websites, signs and printed materials. There are business cards, letterhead, walkcards and mailers. For Sarah’s campaign, we designed the initial walkcard using her image, working in the environment, in contrast to Donald Trump and what he’s doing to harm the environment. We followed this with the second mailer. Then we used the third mailer to show more about her positions on other causes.

Website pages

Home page design – Integrated a slider showcasing all the studio offerings and customized text for SEO.

Sample third level page – Integrated and custom styled MindBody Branded Web Tools widgets and customized text for SEO.

Sample internal page – showcasing offerings of one area of the studio.