Eden Village West

Brand Support

Designing for a new branch of an old camp

Eden Village West’s sister organization, Eden Village Camp, is a Jewish sleep-away camp in New York State that has been around for 10+ years. They decided to branch out to the West Coast with Eden Village West. Eden Village West had a new website in the works when we started working together, but they were in need of lots of outreach material to tell prospective parents and campers about them. We started off designing seed packets (this was a new one for me which made it extra fun) and designed everything from printed pamphlets, email templates to digital fliers. I also helped with a couple odds and ends like video credit screens and adjusting their logo to be printed the size of a tablecloth. Anything goes when it comes to brand support 🙂

Projects designed:

  • Seed Packets
  • Bifold flier
  • Mailchimp template
  • Parlor flier
  • Digital flier
  • Video credits screen
  • Tablecloth

Sample client projects

Bifold pamphlet – For this pamphlet, I illustrated the vine, created the layout and incorporated stock and client images and helped with content editing.

Email flier – Original icon design and layout, using client and stock images, colors, and font choices.

Seed packets – Original design and layout, using client images, colors, and font choices.

Parlor Flier – An editable flier to invite prospective parents and campers to informal informational meetings. It’s an editable pdf allowing them to change the event details.

Mailchimp template – I created three header options in Photoshop, styled the text, buttons, and created the footer.