Campus Power Project

Document Design + Infographics

Data-driven document design for an organizing report

I was approached by the Power PAC Foundation for document design of their report, The Future of Power. The project included creating a template to display a document full of text and infographics. The infographics had been created and pulled from multiple sources, resulting in no consistency in style, color, fonts and general graphic treatment. We decided early on that I would recreate those tables and infographics using a consistent style, color scheme, fonts and general graphic treatment. Some of these could be quickly adjusted but many had to be fully recreated. Additionally, we wanted to lighten up the data-driven document with some photos. Some of these were provided by the client, but the majority of these had to be found doing creative common searches. The resulting document was bold, easy to navigate and distinctive.

Project highlights:

  • Document design
  • Photograph selection
  • Creating and/or recreating tables and infographics

Table and Infographic Creation

Power PAC supplied many infographics that were created by different people in different applications. I had to create a graphic style to use, and then recreate all of those graphics using that style.

Selected Pages